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Billions of Dollars of Commercial Property is Sold Each Month in the Inland Empire and surrounding Southern California markets.    

Because we are in a very competitive market,  it’s important to work with experts who have the training, knowledge and experience in determining property value and the experience to effectively get it sold for the highest value with no surprises. 

We get it done by having access to professional grade commercial data services that are focused on property in the Inland Empire and surrounding markets.  

Commercial Real Estate and Valuation is Complex!   

 There are seven basic sectors and over seventy subsectors of commercial real estate and each one is different.   Per standard commercial appraisal and property valuation guidelines, every property must be evaluated based on 3  methods  (depending on the situation).   

Those methods include:

  • The Comparable Sales Approach 
  • The Capitalized Income Approach 
  • Replacement Value Approach 
It’s very important to use professionals that are very familiar with each approach and can provide you with intelligent and accurate information. 

We are ready to work with you and there is no cost or obligation for a valuation report !  (Depending on the scope and complexity of the property and assignment) . 

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