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"Our Mission is to protect your best interest and produce outstanding results. "

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We have access to the best online and offline commercial resources to expose your property the broadest range of potential buyers, brokers and investors. 

Key points in selling a commercial property include:

  • Accurate Market Valuation
  • Effective Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Negotiation Expertise
  • Sales Process Management
  • Minimizing Risks
  • Maximizing Returns  
  • Transaction Management 

Contact us for free detailed marketing proposal and property valuation.

The wrong lease structure can cost a landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars


We will give you a complete property analysis and marketing plan based on competing properties in the market.  We will market your property, source and screen potential tenants, negotiate and structure a lease for the benefit of you and your property.


See our marketing section on how we represent your property to the market.   


Maximum Exposure Marketing 

To sell or lease your property it must get seen on major commercial platforms,  Costar, LoopNet, AIR with access to Millions of real estate investors, tenants, businesses and professional brokers who are looking for space.   We use social media,  drone video and photography if applicable, the RE/MAX platform alone receives over 100 million views per year.

Detailed and Professional Marketing Packages

To create value and add trust for buyers and tenants,  we put together a detailed marketing package for each property we sell or lease,  they typically range from 12 to 30 pages depending on property type, ask us for a sample.

Contact us for a free marketing proposal.

Market Research is Vital for Success in Commercial Real Estate

We focus 100% on commercial real estate and have access to professional data sources that only full time commercial professionals use .   

When our team  evaluates your property you will receive information, where available, on:

  •  Property data
  •  Market data and trends
  •  Comparable sales and lease rates

Contact us to discuss a free market analysis on the sector you are interested in.

Get access to all the inventory on the market not shown on this site or public MLS 

You get expert buyer representation with the goal of protecting your interest.  We are qualified to handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting and transactional processing.   

Key points in purchasing commercial property include:

·         Identify Opportunities

·         Evaluate & Analyze

·         Negotiate

·         Manage Transaction

·         Minimize Risk

·         Efficiently Close


Contact us for a free custom search using professional tools and if you currently have a property you are considering we can assist in evaluating the property.

We have represented both tenants and landlords.

We understand what the objectives are of  both sides in a lease negotiation.

It is important for us to know you, your business and what your long term objectives are.

We will identify potential properties and coordinate property tours, draft and submit letters of intent / lease proposals and negotiate with and for you to obtain a favorable outcome.


Contact us for more insight into the commercial leasing process and assistance with your next project.


Don’t miss available property.

We use specialized tools that the public does not have access to costing thousands of dollars per year.  We also network with the most active commercial brokers in the area as well as property owners who may be considering a sale.

Get full access to market data and inventory in the Inland Region.  

Contact us for a free custom search, we target the most qualified properties for you to consider.

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Find great commercial lenders who close deals!   Nathan Bragg, the managing broker,  was a Commercial Underwriter and Commercial Banker at Wells Fargo and Bank of America and has  a wide range of contacts in the commercial lending community from major money center banks,  sector specialists and private equity finance. 

Leasing without using a professional can impact your property’s value or your business. 

We have the in-house resources to help clients fully negotiate a favorable lease that will place your business or property in the
best position possible with a flexible structure to suit the situation.

Commercial property requires specialized training to evaluate

A commercial appraisal is much different than a residential,  in commercial an appraiser uses 3 methods to value a property.

1. Comparable sales approach

2. Capitalized income approach

3. Replacement value approach

We provide you with an opinion of value and or go to market lease rate for your property.  For valuation we are trained in commercial real estate underwriting and analysis and we have access to the leading commercial real estate research for the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

For owners we will also provide  an assessment of ways to increase your property’s marketability.  Nathan Bragg is a CA State Licensed General Contractor (currently inactive) he can help identify cost effective opportunities to give your property more market appeal and reduce time on market.

Our team has worked with many banks and lending institutions. 

We understand asset preservation and maximizing returns on an asset.

We provide:

·       Broker opinions of Value

·       Property assessment

·       Detailed go to market plan

·       Repair estimates

·       Monitoring and reporting

We have a team of professionals including property managers, maintenance contractors and legal contacts.     

Negotiation and understanding the process is the key

As a former Commercial Banker Nathan Bragg and our Team understands the process and has done many very tough short sale negotiations with financial institutions. Nathan has completed specialized training in Short Sales and Foreclosures as well.    

Accurate valuation, market analysis and being able to calculate a lender’s break even point is vital to a successful short sale.  

A Free Performance Evaluation and Review Can Save You Money and Increase your Cash Flow.

Do you own multiple properties?  Have you ever had a professional portfolio review of your properties?

It Is Vital To Understand your return and cash flow on each real estate asset you own.  

Few professionals have the skills, training and experience to evaluate a commercial real estate investment portfolio, it takes a combination of finance experience,  experience and training with commercial property valuation, financial planning and portfolio review training, we do.

Contact us to discuss your situation.

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